Afsluiter solenoid magneetklep NC 12VDC binnendiameter 1/2″ DN15 kunststof

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Mode of action



Normally Closed
Medium Temperature 0-90 ° C long time; 0-100 ° C short time Voltage variation range -10%~+10%
Work Pressure 0-0.02Mpa; 0.02-0.8MPa Service life ≥500,000 times
Ambient Temperature 0-50° C Angle of coil and valve body 360. 270.180. 90 degree
Medium Suitable for pure water and tap water; not suitable for acid and alkali, thick, viscous liquid and all other non-liquid
Ebao Electric Load AC22CV,0.02A ;DC6V,0.7A ;DC9V,0.5A;DC12V,0.4A;DC24V,0.2A.
Insulation Resistance DC500V megohmmeter duration, after 1min the resistance should be greater than 100MQ, insulation class E
Watertight Performance The water pressure is 0.02Mpa, the leakage is <0.1 mL/min; the water pressure is 0.03-0.8Mpa, and the leakage is 0 mL/min.
Water Pressure Resistance Water pressure 1.2Mpa, lasting 5min, f no crack, deformation, water leakage.
Reliability 0.01-0.02Mpa, on and off for 10s for 1h, the check valve is not straight through without jamming
F characteristics Pressure 0.02Mpa, f rate 2L/min; pressure 0.3Mpa, f rate 8L/min; pressure 0.8Mpa, f rate 20L/min.
Interlayer insulation High voltage pulse should be normal after 2S.
Continuous Power Supply Continuously energized for 12h, no deformation, the coil does not burn out.
WithstandVoltage Conductive part and non-conductive part, can withstand AC1500V 50HZ withstand voltage
Power Connection 6.3 Standard insert / terminal block optional, the default is based on the main picture

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Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 8,5 × 2,5 × 6 mm

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