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High Accuracy, Ultralow IQ, 500 mA, anyCAP Low Dropout Regulator ADP3335 ADP3335ARMZ LFE MSOP-8

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Source: LCD Monitor

The ADP3335 is a member of the ADP333x family of precision,
low dropout, anyCAP voltage regulators. It operates with an input
voltage range of 2.6 V to 12 V, and delivers a continuous load
current up to 500 mA. The ADP3335 stands out from conventional
low dropout regulators (LDOs) by using an enhanced process
enabling it to offer performance advantages beyond its competition.
Its patented design requires only a 1.0 µF output capacitor for
stability. This device is insensitive to output capacitor equivalent
series resistance (ESR), and is stable with any good quality
capacitor—including ceramic (MLCC) types for space-restricted
applications. The ADP3335 achieves exceptional accuracy of
±0.9% at room temperature and ±1.8% over temperature, line,
and load.

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