3-fasen motor aansturingsmodule 2.8-18V ESC 1S-4S 20A-30A

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> Motor batterij parallel op de elco
> 3-fasen Motor aansluiten op de 3 pads
> GND + 2.8-5V = voeding voor onboard voor MCU (via buck)
> GND + PWM = signaal vanuit een MCU
> VDD is positief wellicht gebruikt om een schakelaar toe te passen op de CK en CD om de draairichting te bepalen.

1-4S ESC

The actual test can use 1S-4S power supply with a wide voltage range.

The PWM drive signal is universal.

Corresponding working voltage limit 2.8V-18V,

Specific compatible matching motor needs to be tested by yourself,

Just like 2212’s 3S voltage motor stepped down to 3V power is too small, there will be problems such as poor startup.

The ESC power tube is AON6504, with a parameter of 85A30V. It is estimated that the operating current of the ESC is between 20A-30A, depending on how good the heat dissipation is under different usage environments.

This ESC does not have BEC and does not have a 5V voltage output. It must be powered by an external 5V power supply to the ESC to work.

The control terminal voltage range can run between 2.8V-5V,

When the 1S power supply is lower than 5V, the control terminal power supply can be directly connected to the positive terminal of the battery,

2-4S power supply control terminal power supply requires 5V regulated BEC module,The control terminal cannot directly connect to the battery positive pole,

More than 5V will burn the main control voltage regulator chip,

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