4 digit 14-segment display module 0.54 inch I2C met HT16K33/VK16K33 chip rood

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This product is a 4-digit M-shaped nixie tube module. It is controlled by I2C. Only 2 IO ports can control the 4-digit nixie tube, which greatly saves the number of IO ports. The control chip is HT16K33 , Strong compatibility, compatible with most microcontrollers.

Product parameters:

Working voltage: 5V (3.3V is relatively dark)

IIC address: default address 0X70

Digital tube size: 0.54 inch (5241AS)

Pin description:

C: Serial clock line

D: Serial data line

-: Supply voltage-

+: supply voltage +

+: IIC level control terminal (connect 3.3V or 5V)

A0, A1, A2,: IIC data address control terminal

IIC address calculation: 0X70+A0+A1+A2 (floating is 0, welding A0 is 1, A1 is 2, A2 is 4, for example A0, A2 welding IIC address at this time = 0X70+1+4=0X75)

Extra informatie

Gewicht 100 g
Afmetingen 3 × 2 × 2 mm

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