AC Voltage Detector Sensor Tester Non-Contact pen 90-1000V

 4,14 incl. BTW

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Met LED en Buzzer signaal, werkt op 2x AAA batterijen.

Informatie (ENG):

  • Wide Testing Range,within 90-1000V AC, All Electric Appliances in Your Family can be Tested by it.
  • High Efficiency. As long as voltage is detected, the led in the tester pen will shine. It is easy to notice. And this voltage pen detector is powered by 2 AAA batteries(not included)
  • 100% Safe. The Voltage Pen Tester detectes Voltage in a non-contact way, so do not worry about there could be any possibility of being shocked by the electricity
  • Easy to use.LED in the voltage tester pen can illuminate the working area.You can use the Non Contact Voltage Detector in circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, wires and anywhere you need it.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 24 g
Afmetingen 18 × 4,5 × 1,5 mm
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