Accu Li-Ion Li-Po batterij voltage indicator 1S 3.7V met 5 leds

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1S 3.7V, VOL 100% is 4.2V

Product introduction:

device that uses lights to monitor the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment. The indicator light is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (powered or not), the working state of the electrical equipment (running, out of service or test) and the position state (closed or open).The indicator light that reflects the working status of the equipment, usually a red light is on to indicate that it is in operation, a green light is on to indicate that it is in a state of shutdown, and a milky white light is on to indicate that it is in a test state; the indicator that reflects the status of the equipment is usually lit to indicate that the device is charged. Off means that the device is de-energized; the indicator light that reflects the working status of the circuit, usually a red light on means live, and a green light on means no electricity. In order to avoid misjudgment, check the condition of the bulb or light-emitting diode frequently or regularly during operation.

Product parameters:

1, Ultra-thin power display, 5 LED indicators, the display is more intuitive and beautiful.

2. It can be used in a wider range, lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate, electric vehicle batteries and electric equipment can be used


1. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the display board to the positive and negative ends of the battery under test, lightly press the red button with your finger, and the IED light will light up to display the real-time battery power.

2. Release your finger, the ED light will be off after a delay of 3-10 seconds, and it will not consume electricity when it is static.

3. With reverse connection function, it will not burn even if the positive and negative connections are reversed, just adjust it

Technical Parameters:

Allowable error: ±2%:

4 levels of power: 25% 50% 75% 100%

Working current: 30ma

Lead length: 15cm

Dimensions: 40x 15x 2.5mm

Working temperature: -10℃-65℃

Extra informatie

Gewicht 10 g
Afmetingen 3 × 2 × 2 mm

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