Afsluiter kogelkraan elektrisch 12VDC binnendiameter 3/4″ DN20 messing CWX-15N CR02

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Een elektrische kogelkraan afsluiter voor in een lucht/water leiding.


* Size: DN8-25 (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch)
* Material: Stainless, Brass,
* Voltage: DC12V
* Rated Current: 45-100 Ma, Power: Max 4W
* Output Torque: 1.5-2Nm,Opening/closing time:3-5 seconds.
* Wiring:3 wires,
* IP65 or IP67 Enclosure
* Working pressure:1.0Mpa( 150 Psi)
* Medium temperature: 0-90 Centigrade

Typical application:
1.Air-warm valve.HVAC and fire-flight sprinkler service,Fan coil and,hot water cycle system
2.Environmental Protection and drain water system,Water treatment project .
3.IC card meters,heat energy meters and reuse of rainwater and reuse of grey water system
4.Irrigation equipment,drinking water equipment,solar water heaters,washing machines,water heaters,industrial humidifier.
5.Small equipment for automatic control,agricultural water conservation and water-saving irrigation system
6.Solar thermal,under-floor,rain water,irrigation,plumbing service,hot water heating and solar glycol loop,ideal for off-grid system.
7.Water,Irrigation system,cooling/heating system,Low voltage plumbing system
8.Water equipment,auto-control water system,industrial mini-auto equipment, Small equipment for automatic control

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