Alarm signalering module lamp en buzzer 12V rood 16mm AD16-16SM

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Geschikt voor inbouw, maak een pulserend licht en geluid via zoemer.

Informatie (ENG)

Voltage: 12V
Product Type: AD16-16SM
Relative humidity: 98%
Installation category: III level
Operating Temperature: -25C ~ + 55C
Power frequency withstand voltage: 2.5KW AC, 1min
Insulation resistance: more than 2 megohms
Comparative Tracking Index: CTI greater than or equal to 100
Brightness: greater than or equal 75mcd
High brightness: greater than or equal 150mcd
Allow voltage fluctuations: Ue 48V or less when allowing fluctuations of plus or minus 5%; Ue greater than 48V when allowing fluctuations of plus or minus 20%

Extra informatie

Gewicht 50 g
Afmetingen 3 × 3 × 5 mm

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