CO2 Koolstofdioxide sensor 0-5000 ppm NDIR MH-Z19B

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Informatie (eng):

This sensor gives a digital (serial) output of the CO2 concentration in air, in parts-per-million (ppm). It uses the optical measurement principle of measuring CO2, which should be much more accurate than the inexpensive electro-chemical sensors you can find. As far as I know, the optical measurement principle uses a broadband light-source to send some light through an air-sample. The sensor then looks at the relative intensity of the light at two different frequencies. The CO2 gas inside the air absorbs light strongly at very specific wavelengths, allowing a determination of the concentration (ppm) of CO2. This is then compensated for temperature (and pressure?) for increased accuracy. A new measurement is started every 5 seconds, you can actually see a small amount of light coming out of the sensor while it’s measuring.

Product Model: MH-Z19
Kleur: Goud
Maat (L * W * H): 33 x 20 x 9 mm
Doelgas: CO2
Werkspanning: 3,6 ~ 5,5 V DC
Gemiddelde stroom: <18 mA
Interface niveau: 3.3 V
Meetbereik: 0 ~ 0,5% VOL optioneel
Uitgangssignaal: UART / PWM
Voorverwarmtijd: 3 min
Reactietijd: T90 <60 s
Werktemperatuur: 0 ~ 50 ° C
Werkvochtigheid: 0 ~ 95% RH (geen condensatie)
Levensduur:> 5 jaar

1.High gevoeligheid, hoge resolutie.
2.Output modes: UART en PWM wave.
3.Anti-water damp interferentie.Nie vergiftiging.
4. Temperatuurcompensatie, uitstekende lineaire output.
5.Low energieverbruik, goede stabiliteit en lange levensduur.
6. Het wordt wijd gebruikt in de koel- en binnenluchtkwaliteit monitoring van de HVAC.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 200 g
Afmetingen 2 × 3 × 1 mm
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