Display LCD 6 digit 7-segment 1.4″ module SPI witte verlichting HT1621

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Informatie (ENG)

This is a 6-digit 7-segment LCD display module and this screen is already widely used in multimeter, electronic scales, electronic clock and ultrasonic distance measurement.

It is suitable motherboard and the other 5V mcu, and its backlight can help you to read the screen clearly in the dark environment.

– Compatibility: can be directly connected to  board, 51, AVR board.
– Backlight color: White
– Display Size: 1.4 inch
– Driver IC: HT1621
– Interface: 3-wire SPI
– Working Voltage: 4.7-5.2VDC
– Working Current: 0.4mA without backlight, and 4mA with backlight
– Applications: Thermometers, multimeter, electronic scales, DIY projects, etc.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 100 g
Afmetingen 7,5 × 3 × 1 mm
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