FM Stereo Radio Module I2C TEA5767 RRD-102BC

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The FM Radio Receiver module is based on the chip TEA5767/68. This chip is used on mp3 and mp4 players, digital radio and mobile phones to realise a stereo FM radio with reception frequency ranging from 87.6MHz to 108MHz.

High sensitivity with integrated low-noise RF input amplifier.

Frequency range: 76 Mhz-108 Mhz.

Suitable for handheld applications.

Built-in 32.768khz clock crystal.

Radio modules are widely used in consumer electronic audio-visual products, For example, MP3 PLAYER, MD, CD/MP3, PLAYER, PORTABLE

VCD / DVD, MOBILE PHONE, PDA, electronic dictionary, digital refrigerator, car audio.

* Please advert copper & trace of ANT part shall be short and wide ASAP.

* Keep ANT part far away from noise source.

* Keep POWER part (VCC,GND) copper & trace shall be wide and short ASAP ,and far away from noise source. FM GND shall grounding clear GND.

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