Geheugen module EEPROM 256Kbit 32KB I2C AT24C256 chipi2c detect -y3

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his is the AT24C256 that provides 32 Kbyte of serial, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) organized at 256Kbits WORDS of 8 BITS each. EEPROM can store data permanently unless you erase or write it and won’t lost the data when power off. Some of microcontroller have limited storage like Arduino it has only 512 bytes data space compare to AT24C256 has 256Kb EEPROM will be very suitable for small amount of data storage or extending data storage for your microcontroller. The 24C256 is optimized for use in minimal storage applications where low-power and low-voltage operation, driven using i2C serial communication bus to help you do much more multiple series of storage.

  • Maximum Writing Time: 5 mS
  • Read / Write Cycle: 100000
  • Data Retention: > 200 Years
  • Write Current Consumption: 3mA – 5VDC
  • Read Current Consumption: 400uA – 5VDC
  • Power Consumption on Standby: 100nA -5VDC
  • Temperature Range: -40*C to +125*C

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