GSM GPRS Module Quad band Serial UART 2.5V met PCB en draad antenne SIM800L rood

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Mini GSM/GPRS module

SIM800L is a miniature cellular module which allows for GPRS transmission, sending and receiving SMS and making and receiving voice calls. Low cost and small footprint and quad band frequency support make this module perfect solution for any project that require long range connectivity. After connecting power module boots up, searches for cellular network and login automatically. On board LED displays connection state (no network coverage – fast blinking, logged in – slow blinking).

NOTICE: Be prepared to handle huge power consumption with peek up to 2A.
Maximum voltage on UART in this module is 2.8V. Higher voltage will kill the module.

Two antennas!

This module have two antennas included. First is made of wire (which solders directly to NET pin on PCB) – very useful in narrow places. Second – PCB antenna – with double sided tape and attached pigtail cable with IPX connector. This one have better performance and allows to put your module inside a metal case – as long the antenna is outside.


Supply voltage: 3.8V – 4.2V

Recommended supply voltage: 4V

Power consumption:

sleep mode < 2.0mA

idle mode < 7.0mA

GSM transmission (avg): 350 mA

GSM transmission (peek): 2000mA

Module size: 25 x 23 mm

Interface: UART (max. 2.8V) and AT commands

SIM card socket: microSIM (bottom side)

Supported frequencies: Quad Band (850 / 950 / 1800 /1900 MHz)

Antenna connector: IPX

Status signaling: LED

Working temperature range: -40 do + 85 ° C

Set includes:

SIM800L module

goldpin headers

wire antenna

PCB antenna with pigtail and IPX connector

Pinout (bottom side – left):

RING (not marked on PBC, first from top, square) – LOW state while receiving call

DTR – sleep mode. Default in HIGH state (module in sleep mode, serial communication disabled). After setting it in LOW the module will wake up.

MICP, MICN – microphone (P + / N -)

SPKP, SPKN – speaker (P + / N -)

Pinout (bottom side – right):

NET – antenna

VCC – supply voltage

RESET – reset

RXD – serial communication

TXD – serial communication

GND – ground

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