HDMI naar VGA adapter met audio uitgang zwart

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Met deze HDMI naar VGA adapter sluit je eenvoudig een VGA kabel aan op een HDMI uitgang , in de adapter zit een chip die het HDMI signaal omvormt naar een VGA signaal.


1: low power consumption, HDMI equipment only needs to provide DC5V, ≥140mA power output capability can work, plug and play

2: The standby power consumption is low, when the conversion head is connected to the HDMI port; the VGA output is not connected to the display, at this time, the main chip is in the standby state, and almost no power is consumed; this is very important and is very suitable for the self-contained battery device such as a notebook or a tablet computer. It is beneficial to better extend the standby time of the computer; other programs have no standby function, and only work when plugged in the whole machine (not suitable for battery-powered equipment)

3: Small size, comes with audio output (external amplifier and speaker required), maximum resolution support to 1920×1080

4: Product audio output is: 3.5 audio jack or 3.5 to R+L

5 : Input: HDMI / Mini HDMI / Micro HDMI

6: Output: VGA+Audio

7: Material: ABS shell

8: Color: Black / White

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Gewicht 20 g
Afmetingen 4 × 6 × 2 mm



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