Kleur detectie sensor module 3.3-5.0V I2C TCS34725

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Product Description:
This module is a color sensor based on AMSfs TCS3472XFN color light digitizer as the core. 
The sensor provides digital output of red, green, blue (RGB) and clear light sensing values. 
The integrated infrared blocking filter can minimize the infrared spectral components of the incident light and can accurately perform color measurement.
It has high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and infrared blocking filter Minimize the effects of IR and UV spectral components to produce accurate color measurements.
And with ambient light intensity detection and shieldable interrupt Communication via I2C interface. 
This design is based on the same design principle and provides 2 different design designs (square version/double-hole version) to provide users with more options for installation size and environment. Among them, the double-hole version is arranged with 2 LED lights to fill the object This design provides Ardunio and STM32 Demo Code.
Product Parameter:
1. Working voltage: 3.3V/5V
2. Control chip: TCS3472XFN
3. Logicvoltage: 3.3V/5V
4. Communication interface: I2C

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