Li-ion Cell 3.7V lineaire oplader 4-slot 16340 USB-A

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–USB charging, convenient and fast.

–Slide design, high compatibility.

–Charging indicator

–Built-in intelligent chip management, intelligent adjustment of power supply current output, high current fast charging + small current pulse charging.

–Wide range of charging scenarios, computer USB port charging, mobile phone charging base charging, car USB port charging, mobile phone charging treasure charging, etc..


Product name: 16340 4-Slot Charger

Power supply mode: USB power supply

Input voltage: DC 5V 1.5A

Output voltage: DC 5V 600mA (max)

Charging indication: red light is on when charging, green light is on when fully charged

Compatible battery models: 16340

Scope of application:

Suitable for charging products that use a single 3.7V lithium battery.

The main products are digital home appliances, beauty care equipment, small fans,

flashlights, intelligent thermometers and other related products supporting battery charging.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 30 × 2 × 2 mm

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