Modbus RS485 RTU D/A converter 4 ingangen 0…5V 3 ingangen 0…10V R4AVA07

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R4AVA07 7 Channel RS485 Voltage Analog Collector ADC Modbus RTU 03 06 Function Code

1. The A1 / 2/3/4 channel voltage measurement range is 0-5V, while the A5 / 6/7 channel voltage measurement range is 0-10V.

2. The drive capability of the voltage source under test must be greater than 1MA, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate (the MCU IO voltage cannot be measured).

3. The voltage measurement accuracy is 1%, and if the error is greater than 1%, calibration can be performed.

4. In addition to the computer serial super port input, the MODBUS RTU command can also be input via the PLC.

5. In the MODBUS RTU command mode, up to 247 devices can be used in parallel.

6. The MODBUS RTU instruction supports the 03 06 function code.


Item Type: Voltage Analog Collector

Working Voltage: 8-24V

Working Current: 10-15MA

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