Modbus RS485 RTU Thermostaat 24V DC/AC Dry contact 5A BHT-002GCLN wit

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The BHT-002 range has been developed to control electric

underfloor, water heating or water/gas boiler systems.

These unitsare designed for use in commercial, industrial, civil and domesticproperties

On Appearance

1. Convennient operation creates convenient life.

2. Options of black and white housing.

3. Faashion design blends in with any decor.

4. Touch Screen display with backlight is easy to read, even in the dark.

5. Bright buttons always remind you the world truely exist

6. Easy UI interface could be used even by child.

On Functionality

1. Powerful functions are available such as Modbus/WIFI Options .

2. 0.5℃ Accuracy keeps temperature within the level you set.

3. Data memory when power is off.

4. 5+2 six periods programmable maximize comfort and economy

5. Create thermostat group to Centralized control(WIFI function)

6. Integrated with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie, IFTTT.(WIFI function)

7. All setting languages synchronize your time zone, address and language.(WIFI function)

8. No limit to add rooms and support Smart Scene.(WIFI function)

Technical Data

Power Supply: 24V,95-240VAC, 50~60HZ Optional

Display Accuracy: ±0.5ºC

Probe sensor: Hidden NTC3950, 10K (External NTC3950, 10K Optional)

Power Consumption: <0.3W

Load current: 5A

Temperature Adjustable Range: 5 ºC – 35 °C 

Limit Temperature Range: 5-99°C

Hysteresls: 1°C

Insulating condition: Normal environment

Running program: 5+2 four periods

Installation: 86*86mm or European 60mm round box

Certificate: CE,RoHS

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 9 × 6 × 2 mm

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