Modem ISDN kaart 128 Kbit/s PCI RJ45 Digi DataFire Micro V

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Dit is een 2e KANS/Vintage artikel/product, en is getest op werking/functionaliteit!

— GARANTIE 14 dagen na aankoop —

Digi DataFire Micro V is a passive ISDN adapter for PCI bus PCs with extremely high net throughput rate. Simple to install it connects your PC to the network with ISDN speed and provides for file transfer, telephony, fax G3 and answering machine functionality. Thanks to ACPI you are always ready to receive incoming calls or fax messages even when your PC is in stand-by mode. On detection of an incoming call DataFire Micro V will activate the PC and start the respective protocols – fast enough to enable successful establishment of the connection. After the connection is closed the PC will automatically switch into stand-by mode again (controlled by an inactivity time-out). The optional IOM2 interface enables the DataFire Micro V to communicate with other comunication boards. Software Interfaces DataFire Micro V is available with CAPI, Version 2.0, supporting 16- and 32-bit applications and the interface for Kernel Mode drivers for use of the Windows NT/ 2000 Remote Access Service (RAS) or the Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Network via ISDN. Furthermore, this board is supplied with the NDIS WAN Mini port driver to enable multilink PPP connections with up to 128 kbit/s. COM Port With Digi’s brand new COM port driver (ICOM, for 16- and 32-bit applications) you can easily take advantage of the access software supplied by major ISPs, such as AOL, CompuServe or T-Online. Furthermore, these drivers support dialing into remote networks (RAS). Fax and Modem Support The CAPI integrated fax functionality of DataFire Micro V supports fax transmission and reception with 14.4 kbit/s on both B-channels simultaneously. ECM (Error Correction Mode) and the popular fax compression methods MH, MR and MMR are provided to significantly reduce transmission times. The combination of ECM and fax compression dramatically reduces fax communication costs. To enable connections to analog remote devices, e.g. mailboxes or analog modems, modem emulation via ISDN is supported up to 28.8 kbit/s

Professional Remote Access Client
Digi’s universal Remote Access Client supports all the most popular WAN media – ISDN, Modem and GSM – under one uniform and easy-to-use interface. Use of PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) ensures that a connection with 3rd party remote access equipment, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Ascend, 3Com or Novell, is easily established. To optimize use of the physical connection Digi’s Remote Access Client offers static and dynamic channel aggregation, powerful data compression and an extremely efficient short hold mode, including filtering of ‘superfluous’ data and spoofing.

Communication Software
DataFire Micro V includes a universal communication suite. With Digi’s PC based telephony and answering system you can turn any PC with a conventional soundcard into a fully-fledged ISDN smart phone and answering machine. Digi’s fax software module handles transmission and reception of analog G3 fax messages up to 14.4 kbit/s. For high speed transfer of documents, graphics and other files Euro File Transfer (EFT) client and server application are provided. Digi’s powerful address management can be used with all these applications.

OVERVIEW > ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI), PCI Bus > CAPI 2.0, NDIS WAN Miniport Driver > ICOM driver for COM port and modem applications under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000 > Fax functionality (G3), simultaneous and independent use of both B-channels > ECM error correction > Fax compression: MH, MR, MMR > Supplementary Services (e.g. DDI, COLP, CLIP, and others) HARDWARE > 32-bit passive ISDN card for PCI bus > PCI bus interface, runs with either 3.3V or 5V voltage > Deliverables: CD-ROM (installation, drivers, remote access client, communication suite, online help), RJ45 connection cable, detailed manual > optional IOM2 interface > Warranty: 5 years TRANSMISSION RATES > 2 x 64 kbit/s (B-channel), 1 x 16 kbit/s (D-channel) > 14.4 kbit/s fax G3 > up to 28.8 kbit/s modem with V.42 error correction and V42bis compression B-CHANNEL PROTOCOLS > HDLC transparent > bit-transparent > X.75 > X.25 (ISO 8208) > X.31 > V.110 > V.120 > T.30 for Fax G3 > T.90 NL > V.34 (for modem emulation up to 28.8 kbit/s) D-CHANNEL PROTOCOLS > DSS-1 (Q.931) > 5ESS > NI-1 > DMS-100 > INS 64 > TPH 1962 SOFTWARE INTERFACES > Common ISDN API Version 2.0 (CAPI 2.0) > Digi ISDN COM port driver (ICOM) > NDIS WAN Miniport driver, Microsoft’s official ISDN interface for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000 OPERATING SYSTEMS > Windows 95 > Windows 98 > Windows NT > Windows 2000 > Linux APPROVALS > Europe (CE), Canada, Switzerland, USA (FCC)

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