Moederbord Socket PGA478 DDR AGP 8X Micro-ATX 20+4-pins / MSI 865PEM2-ILS (MS-6743) MET CPU HEATSINK, GEEN I/O SHIELD

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Dit is een 2e KANS/Retro artikel/product, en is getest op werking/functionaliteit!

— GARANTIE 14 dagen na aankoop —

– Getest en werkend.
– Wordt geleverd met nieuwe CR2032 batterij.
– Wordt geleverd met I/O shield indien van toepassing (tenzij anders vermeld)
– Wordt geleverd met processor koeler/heatsink indien van toepassing (tenzij anders vermeld)
– Alleen moederbord, dwz, wordt zonder processor, werkgeheugen, doos, kabels of CD (drivers) geleverd.
– Drivers zijn eventueel hier te downloaden: Drivers downloaden
– Lees onderstaande informatie goed door kwa ondersteuning processor, geheugen, etc.

Dit moederbord is op SiS’ SiS648FX/963L-chipset gebaseerd en biedt ondersteuning aan Intel Pentium 4-processoren met een Front Side Bus van onder andere 800MHz. Ook is de ondersteuning voor single-channel DDR400-geheugen aanwezig. Naast het gebruik van HyperThreading beschikt de P4S800 ook over SiS’ MulTIOL-technologie, een technologie die een bandbreedte tot 1GB per seconde tussen de North- en Southbridge van deze chipset mogelijk maakt. Naast drie geheugensleuven biedt het bord verder plaats aan vijf PCI-sloten, een AGP8x-slot, onboard 10/100Mb/s LAN, onboard zeskanaals sound en een S/PDIF-out digitale audiopoort.

Incredible Value for FSB800 Solution
P4S800 (SiS 648FX) Series
SiS®648FX Chipset
Intel 800 MHz FSB
Hyper-Threading technology support
AGP 8X technology
DDR 400 Memory
Wi-Fi slot for optional wireless LAN upgrade

Incredible Value for FSB800 Solution
With the SiS 648FX chipset, the ASUS P4S800 supports latest 800MHz FSB Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron processor with Hyper-Threading technology. Supporting up to 3GB of system memory with the PC3200/2700/2100/1600 DDR DIMMs, high-resolution graphics via an AG

Intel FSB800 and Hyper-Threading technology support
Leveraging the SiS648FX chipset to support 3.2 GHz+ P4 CPU on 800MHz FSB, Intel Hyper-Threading technology, DDR400 memory, the P4S800 delivers a full-value, high-performance solution for today’s most demanding tasks.

AGP 8X Technology
AGP8X (AGP 3.0) is the next generation VGA interface specification that enables enhanced graphics performance with high bandwidth speeds up to 2.12GB/s. With a bus of 533MHz, AGP8X is twice as fast as AGP4X.

DDR400 (PC3200) Support
DDR400 (PC3200), the latest and fastest DDR memory standard, supports bandwidth up to 3.2GB/s to provide enhanced system performance. (Note: PC2100/PC1600 up to 3 DIMMs; PC3200/PC2700 up to 2 DIMMs; 1GB PC3200/2700 with 32 DDR chips up to 1 DIMM only)

ASUS Wi-Fi slot
The Wi-Fi slot is specifically designed for the ASUS Wireless LAN add-on card (ex. WiFi-b™) to set up an environment for home Wireless LAN. The ASUS WiFi-b™ add-on card bundles the exclusive Software AP (Access Point) to save the extra cost of an hardware re AP has to be purchased separately)

MuTIOL Technology
The P4S800 supports high-bandwidth DDR400 and unique MuTIOL technology increases the bus speed between the northbridge and southbridge to 1GB/s.

S/PDIF out port on back I/O
The P4S800 provides convenient connectivity to external home theater audio systems via an S/PDIF out interface. Experience 5.1-channel surround sound and enhanced 3D audio while playing your favorite DVDs or games.

ASUS Instant Music ~ Lite
Through this unique feature, P4S800 is conveniently designed to allow users to enjoy their favorite music, without the need to enter Windows.

ASUS CrashFree BIOS2
The CrashFree BIOS 2 feature now includes the BIOS auto-recovery function in a support CD. Users can reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the simple BIOS auto-recovery process. The P4S800 now ena

C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
When the system hangs due to overclocking failure, there is no need to open the case to clear the CMOS data. Just simply restart the system, the BIOS would show the previous setting and then users can amend the CPU setting again.

With ASUS EZ Flash, you can update BIOS before entering operating system. No more DOS-based flash utility and bootable diskette required.


Qualified DDR 400 memory modules

The following table lists the memory modules that have been tested
and qualified for use with this motherboard.
Vendor Part No. Chip Vendor Chip P/N Size
Apacer /S 77.10636.465 Samsung K4H560838D-TCCC 256MB
Apacer /D 77.10736.464 Samsung K4H560838D-TCCC 512MB
Apacer /S 77.10639.535 PSC A2S56D30ATP 256MB
Apacer /D 77.10739.534 PSC A2S56D30ATP 512MB
ADATA /S MDOMO5F3G31-JB1EAZ Mosel V58C2256804SAT5 256MB
ADATA /S MDOADHF3G31-JB1FC2 Adata ADD8608A8A-4.5B 256MB
Geil /D MAG16UL3264D1TG5A-KC Geil GL3LC32G88TG-5A 512MB
Hynix /D HYMD232646B8J-D43 AA Hynix HY5DU56822BT-D43 512MB
Kingston /S KVR400X64C3/256 Samsung K4H560838D-TCC4 256MB
Kingston /D KVR400X64C3/512 Samsung K4H560838D-TCC4 512MB
Transcend /S TS32MLD64V4F3 Mosel V58C2256804SAT5 256MB
Transcend /D TS64MLD64V4F3 Mosel V58C2256804SAT5 512MB
TwinMOS /S M2G9I08AFATT9F081AA4T TwinMos TMD7608F8FE50D 256MB
TwinMOS /D M2G9J16AGATT9F081AA4T TwinMos TMD7608F8FE50D 512MB
Winbond /D W9451GCDB-5 Winbond W942508CH-5 512MB

Qualified DDR 333 memory modules Vendor Part No. Chip vendor Chip P/N Size
Apacer /S 77.10328.462 Samsung K4H280838D-TCB3 128MB
Hynix /D HYMD132645B8J-JAA Hynix HY5DU28822BT-J 256MB
Kingston /S KVR333X64C25/256 Mosel V58C2256804SAT6 256MB
Kingston /D KVR333X64C25/512 Mosel V58C2256804SAT6 512MB
Mosel /D MPMC225-383 Mosel V58C2256804SAT6 512MB
Nanya /D NT256D64S8HA0G-6 Nanya NT5DS16M8AT-6 256MB
PQI /S MD3456UPS PQI PQ3D328S6-0246 256MB
Samsung /S M368L3223DTL-CB3 Samsung K4H560838D-TCB3 256MB
Samsung /D M368L6423ETN-CB3 Samsung K4H560838E-TCB3 512MB
TwinMOS /S M2G5I08AIATT5F081AA4T TwinMos TMD7608F8E60B 256MB
TwinMOS /D M2G5J16AJATT5F081AA4T TwinMos TMD7608F8E60B 512MB

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 24 × 24 × 11 mm




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