MOSFET module 15A 400W Dual AOD4184A

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Let op: aansluiten op een MCU (3.3-5.0V) geeft niet genoeg voltage en vermogen om de GATE helemaal open te zetten, daardoor kunnen de maximale waarden niet gehaald worden!, gebruik daarom altijd een juiste MOSFET driver!

High power MOS tube field effect tube trigger switch drive module PWM regulating electronic switch control panel

Module highlights:
1 the use of imported double MOS shunt active power output, the resistance is lower, more current, strong power, room temperature 15a, 400W, meet the use of most of the equipment;
2 wide voltage, perfect support PWM;
3 easy to achieve the control of large power equipment

Product parameters and application:
1: working voltage: 5V-36V DC;
2: trigger signal source: digital high or low level (DC3.3V–20V), can be connected to the microcontroller IO port, PLC interface, DC power supply, etc., can be connected to the PWM signal, the signal frequency 0–20KHZ perfect support.
3: output power: DC 5V-36V DC, under normal temperature continuous current 15A, power 400W! Auxiliary cooling conditions, the maximum current up to 30A.
4: application: the output can control the power of the equipment, motor, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro pumps, solenoid valves, etc., you can enter the PWM, control motor speed, the brightness of the lamp, etc..
5: service life: infinite switch; working temperature: -40 – 85 C; size: 3.4*1.7*1.2cm

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