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Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3

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Wordt geleverd met 2×20 male headerpins.

This is the smallest and cheapest Raspberry Pi available at the moment. The board is just half the size of a Raspberry Pi Model A+, but has almost the same capabilities!

Everything is small on the Pi Zero. The board itself is just 65mm x 30mm x 5mm in size, is has a mini camera connector, a microSD slot, mini HDMI, 2x microUSB (one for USB and one for Power) and the power usage is just 100mA idle and 140mA on full load.

Just like the A+ and the B+, the Pi Zero features a single core CPU clocked at 1GHz and 512MB RAM. The GPIO header is unpopulated so you can choose wether you want to solder a header on or not. This gives you a lot of freedom how the Raspberry Pi Zero can be used.

BCM2835 (same as the Pi 1) but clocked at 1GHz (40% faster)
microSD Slot
mini HDMI connector
microUSB for data
microUSB for power
mini Camera connector (camera adapter cable needed)
unpopulated 40-pin GPIO header (same pinout as other Pi’s)
Dimensions are 65mm x 30mm x 5mm

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Gewicht 200 g
Afmetingen 12,5 × 7,5 × 3,3 mm

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