Relais module 12V, 1x250V/30A NO/NC met low level trigger (alt2)

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Product Applications: PLC automation equipment control, industrial system control, Internet of Things control, electronic enthusiasts to develop experiments, all kinds of circuit modification.

Each channel with optocoupler isolation, anti-interference ability.<br

Using high-power relay, control the load up to 30A.

Each channel with relay on / off LED indicator.

Module load voltage: DC30V / AC 250V 30A ;

Module Power Supply : DC 12V (Module supply voltage must be DC, and the voltage to be consistent with the relay voltage.).

Electrical parameters:

Supply voltage: DC12V;

Quiescent current: 5mA;

Maximum working current: 190mA;

Trigger mode: High / Low Level Trigger;

Load voltage: DC 30V / AC 250V;

Load current: 30A;

Module life: 10 million times;

Switch the maximum frequency: ≤ 5KHz;

Product weight: 46g;

Size:72x40x24mm (LxWxH);

Mounting hole size:44.5×27.5(LxW);

Trigger voltage range:

High-level trigger:

DC 6-12V relay on;

DC 0-5.5V relay off;


Low-level trigger:

DC 0-5V relay on;

DC 6-12V relay off;

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Afmetingen 5 × 3,5 × 2,5 mm

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