Spanningsmeter Strain gauge 350 Ohm BF350-3AA

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A resistive strain gauge sensor with a 350 ohm nominal resistance which varies when a force is applied. By measuring the change in the sensors resistance a measurement of the force applied to it can be obtained. Note that strain gauges exhibit small changes in resistance and so this sensor should be used in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. If using with a microcontroller such as an Arduino we also recommend using our HX711 digital bridge sensor interface module.

Nominal resistance(Ohm): 350

Tolerance: <±0.1%

Gauge factor: 2.00~2.20

Gauge factor resistance: <±1%

Strain limit: 2.0%

Fatigue life: >10

Metal foil: constantan alloy

Working temperature range: -30~+80℃

Temperature compensation: Aluminium(23)

Gauge Grid(mm) Dimensions(L×M): 3.2 x 3.06

Gauge Creep Code: M6 to O6

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