Thermische schakelaar 40 graden Celsius 1A 220VAC/48VDC NC KSD-01F

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Quick Detail:

Model KSD-01F
Reset Type Auto Reset
Rated Voltage & Current AC 120V/220V 1A, DC 48V 1A
Contact Type 1D(Normally Closed) or 1H(Normally Open)
AmbientTemperature -55℃ ~+180℃
Temperature differentials 8.5~55℃ (difference between off and on temperatures)
Temperature tolerance ±3.0℃, ±5.0℃, ±8.0℃, ±10.0℃
Circuit Resistance ≤50mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ
Dielectric Strength ≥1500V
Life Cycle 100,000 Cycles
Certificate CQC,TUV,UL,CE


KSD-01F Series Miniature Thermal Switch is a snap-action thermostat with a bi-metal disc as the temeprature sensing element. Its main working principle is to control the temperature by opening or closing the bi-metal strip. It stays at normally closed/normally open status, it opens/closes when temeprature rising and closes/opens when temperature decreasing. It has the characteristics of snap action,high accuracy, long life cycle, high sensitivity, high reliability, small size, light weight, easy installation. We use international TO220/Y220 standard packingJUC-31F Miniature Thermal Switch has been granted national patent, and has passed UL, TUV, CE, CQC, CB and ROHS. It also has passed the 100,000 life test of UL laboratory. It is widely used in printed circuit board equipment, power supply equipment, audio amplifier, welding equipment, automation equipment and instrumentation for temperature control and temperature protection.

D-type = normally closed (will open when reaching temperature)

H-type = normally open (will close when reaching temperature)

2. Action Temperature Table

Operating temperature Recovery temperature Form of contract point Rated load Contract resistance Insulation resistance Dielectrics voltage-resistance

Testing mode:

Speed of temperature rise and fall

40℃±5℃ 5℃~15℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
45℃±5℃ 5℃~15℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
50℃±5℃ 5℃~15℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
55℃±5℃ 6℃~16℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
60℃±5℃ 6℃~18℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
65℃±5℃ 7℃~20℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
70℃±5℃ 7℃~20℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
75℃±5℃ 8℃~22℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
80℃±5℃ 8℃~24℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
85℃±5℃ 8℃~25℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
90℃±5℃ 8℃~27℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
95℃±5℃ 10℃~28℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
100℃±5℃ 10℃~30℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
105℃±5℃ 11℃~31℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
110℃±5℃ 11℃~33℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
115℃±5℃ 11℃~35℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min
120℃±5℃ 11℃~36℃ 1D,1H 250VAC1A ≤50mΩ ≥100MΩ 1500VAC 5℃~8℃/min


● PCB circuit board

● Communication power supply

● Switching power supply

● UPS power supply

● Medical power supply

● Module power supply

● Audio amplifier equipment

● Rechargeable devieces


● Inverters

● Welding equipment

● Aerospace instrumentation electronic equipment

Competitive Advantages:

1. Small size and expedient installation

2. Snap action,high accuracy

2. High temeprature resistance

3. High reliability

4. Long life cycles of 100,000 times

5. UL,CQC,VDE and RoHS certification approval

6. Wide application

1 , using the contact temperature installation should be charged with the metal cover up snapping apparatus mounting surface , to ensure that the temperature effect , should be coated with thermal grease or other similar thermal properties of the medium in the surface temperature .

2 , the installation can not cover up the top collapsed , loose or deformed , so as not to affect performance.

3, can not allow the liquid to penetrate the internal temperature may not make the shell cracks , are not free to change the shape of the external terminals.

4 , the product is not greater than 5A current in the circuit , chose the copper cross-section 0 5-1 mm 2 wire connection ; . No greater than 10A current in the circuit , chose the cross-section of 0.75-1.5 mm 2 copper wire connection.

5, the product should be less than 90% relative humidity , ambient temperature is below 40 °C ventilated, clean, dry , non-corrosive gases stored in the warehouse .

KSD-01F classification , in accordance with the temperature to points, can also be classified according to the material , you can also follow the installation way points.

According to the nature of the action : the action can be divided into normally open(H Type) and normally closed(D type).


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