UPS DC backup accu 5V 3A 15W 2×18650 SMD Lithium Batterij houder gesoldeerd

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UPS-15W module can realize the seamless switching of external power supply and battery dual power supply (no delay), suitable for uninterrupted power supply schemes such as low-power DC equipment and meters, and self-start after power failure and self-charge when power is received.

The UPS-15W module integrates four practical functions of lithium battery charging, lithium battery protection, boost output, and UPS switching. It is also equipped with a universal Micro USB charging interface, direct DC5V input to charge the lithium battery, two-color LED indicates the charging status, and the full green light Always on, automatically stop charging, the module is equipped with two high-quality 18650 battery holders to choose from.

Function description:

1. UPS function: When the power supply is powered on, the power supply directly supplies power to the load via the booster circuit, and simultaneously charges the lithium battery. Once the power is cut off, the battery path is automatically activated to supply power to the load via the boost circuit.

2. Boost circuit: peak power up to 20W, rated power up to 15W, BOST boost circuit, built-in 12A high current MOS, efficiency up to 96%, module static power consumption 25mA, optional 5V/9V/12V output. (The load is recommended to be <15W under normal conditions. Output 5V: current 3A, output 9V: current 1.6A, output 12V: current 1.2A)

3. Lithium battery protection: over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, over-current protection (if it enters the protection state and does not output after a short-circuit by mistake, it will automatically activate and restore output when connected to 5V charging).

4. Module size: 89*42*22.4mm (back patch battery box)

Instructions for use:

1. When used as a UPS, it is necessary to install a battery to ensure that the input 5V power supply has sufficient power, and the output is kept on in real time, and the battery can be started at any time when the power is off.

2. If the UPS wants to save energy consumption, solder down the output indicator after all tests are completed, which can reduce the current consumption of more than ten mA without affecting the normal output of the circuit, which is more power-saving.

3. During the use and operation, the board may be triggered to enter the protection state without output due to various reasons (incorrect touch, wrong connection, etc.). After troubleshooting, connect the board’s charging port to 5V for charging, and the board is powered on again. Re-output can be activated.

4. The 5V charging power supply used by individual users uses a relatively large output capacitor. This capacitor can continue to discharge after the power is turned off, so that the power supply voltage has a slow drop process, which will cause the board after the power is turned off. Did not switch battery power quickly. If you encounter such a situation, you can connect a 1K discharge resistor in parallel to the 5V input port.

5. If you want to increase the battery capacity of the UPS module, you can use multiple cells in parallel, and other functions will not be affected.

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