Vacuum Fluorescent display driver TL4810B DIP-18

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* Each Device Drives Ten Lines
* 60-V Output Voltage Rating
* 40-mA Output Source Current
* High-Speed Serially-Shifted Data Input
* CMOS-Compatible Inputs
* Latches on All Driver Outputs
* Improved Direct Replacement for

The TL4810B and TL4810BI are monolithic BIDFET† integrated circuits designed to drive a dot matrix or segmented vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). These devices feature a serial data output to cascade additional devices for large display arrays. A 10-bit data word is serially loaded into the shift register on the positive-going transitions of the clock. Parallel data is transferred to the output buffers through a 10-bit D-type latch while LATCH ENABLE is high and is latched when LATCH ENABLE is low. When BLANKING is high, all outputs are low. Outputs are totem-pole structures formed by npn emitter-follower and double-diffused MOS (DMOS) transistors with output voltage ratings of 70 V and 40-mA source-current capability. All inputs are compatible with CMOS and TTL levels, but each requires the addition of a pullup resistor to VCC1 when driven by TTL logic.

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