Vuur en vlam detectie sensor 5-kanaals

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Detail intruduction:
1. Five-channel flame sensor design with wide detection range (The detection range of a normal single flame sensor is about 30°, As the distance increases, the interval gradually decreases. Product detection range is greater than 120°)
2. Can output digital signals (high and low), easy to use
3. Can output analog signals (voltage signals), Measurement signals can be more precise and high precision
4. All five output status indicators, so it is very convenient for debugging or practical application.
5. Digital output can adjust the detection distance. Analog output sensitivity is adjustable, plus flexible design
6. With 1% resistor design, the signal output is more accurate. Suitable for high precision measurement applications
7. Onboard 3 M3 mounting holes for easy installation
8. 3.3 V-9 V power supply, compatible with most SCM systems
9. Automatic soldering of patches used throughout the SMT process, reliable military grade

Operating  principle:
The project is capable of detecting flame zones in the 700-1100 nm range, respectively.
Short near infrared waves (SW-NIR) are output by electrical signals (voltage signals).

Flame detection is required for all occasions

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Afmetingen 6 × 6 × 1,5 mm
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