WCH CH552G 8-Bit 8051 MCU 24MHz 16KB FLASH SOP-16

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8-bit USB device microcontroller: CH552


The CH552 chip is an enhanced E8051 core microcontroller compatible with the MCS51 instruction set. 79% of its instructions are single-byte single-cycle instructions, and the average instruction speed is 8-15 times faster than the standard MCS51.

CH552 supports up to 24MHz system frequency, built-in 16K program memory ROM, 256 bytes internal iRAM and 1K bytes on-chip xRAM, xRAM supports DMA direct memory access.

CH552 has built-in functional modules such as ADC analog-to-digital conversion, touch button capacitance detection, 3 sets of timers and signal capture and PWM, dual asynchronous serial ports, SPI, USB device controller and full-speed transceiver, USB type-C.


Enhanced E8051 core CPU, 8-15 times faster than standard MCS51, and unique XRAM data fast copy instruction;

Built-in 16KB Code Flash, 1KB XRAM and internal 256B iRAM, 128B DataFlash, support byte reading and writing;

Built-in 2KB BootLoader, support USB and serial ISP, provide ISP download library;

Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB-Device device mode, support USB type-C master-slave detection, support USB 2.0 full speed 12Mbps or low speed 1.5Mbps. Support up to 64-byte data packet, built-in FIFO, support DMA;

Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB2.0 full-speed and low-speed host or device mode. Support up to 64-byte data packet, built-in FIFO, support DMA;

Provide 3 groups of timers/counters, support 2 signal capture and 2 PWM output;

Provide 2 full-duplex asynchronous serial ports, all support high baud rate communication, UART0 is the standard MCS51 serial port;

Provide 1 SPI communication interface, built-in FIFO, support Master/Slave master-slave mode;

Provide 4-channel 8-bit A/D analog-to-digital converter, support voltage comparison;

Supports 6-channel capacitance detection, supports up to 15 touch buttons, and supports independent timing interrupts;

Support 4 kinds of reset signal sources, built-in power-on reset, support software and watchdog overflow reset, optional pin external reset;

Built-in 24MHz clock source and PLL, can support external crystal oscillator by multiplexing GPIO pins;

Built-in 5V to 3.3V low dropout voltage regulator, support 5V or 3.3V or even 2.8V power supply voltage. Support low-power sleep, support USB, UART0, UART1, SPI0 and some GPIO external wake-up;

Unique ID number built into the chip;

Provide TSSOP-20, SOP-16, QNF16, MSOP-10 packages;

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