BLDC 3-fasen brushless DC motor driver module 5V-12V 15W

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This mini sensor-less three-phase brush-less (BLDC) DC motor speed using imported chips for wide voltage.

Power input with reverse polarity protection, reverse does not burn.

With output phase loss, stall fault indication.

The three-phase drive three-wire, three-phase four-wire small brush-less motor, sine, low sound, small size bath.

Stable performance, simple and most cost-effective multi-function operation, ease of use , is a compact DC brush-less DC drives.


Working voltage: DC 5V-15V

Working Current: continuous 1.5A (peak 2A)

Control power: 15W (maximum)

Static Current: 0.005A (standby)

PWM duty cycle: 1%-100%

PCB Size: 3.0*2.5*1.5cm/1.18 x 0.98 x 0.59inch(excluding the handle)


1. Power supply is DC, AC is not allowed. Please use right voltage, current according to the parameters scope, the kinds of brush-less motor is numerous, can not guarantee for all the brush-less motor, please ensure that the wiring is correct, then power on.

2. Please use it with the working voltage, current, power matching motor, otherwise, may appear some bad phenomena that will burn down the main chip, it is forbidden to have the phenomenon of poor contact.

3.This drive can’t be used to drive brush motor.

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