CO Koolstofmonoxide sensor 0-500 ppm ZE15-CO ME2-CO

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LET OP: De pin pitch van deze module is 2.00mm met korte headerpins, direct gebruik op een breadbord of standaard prototype PCB is niet mogelijk, eventueel aan te sluiten door kabeltjes er op te solderen.

The ZE15-CO electrochemical carbon monoxide module is a general-purpose, miniaturized module. The detection of CO in the air by the principle of electrochemistry has good selectivity and stability. Built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation; with digital output, easy to use. ZE15-CO is a general-purpose gas module designed and manufactured by combining mature electrochemical detection technology with sophisticated circuit design.


High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption, long service life, providing multiple output methods such as UART, analog voltage signal, etc.


It is used in household CO alarms, smart homes and other fields.


Detection gas: carbon monoxide

Interference gas: alcohol and other gases

Output data: UART output (0 or 3V)

Working voltage: 5-12V DC

Warm-up time: 30 seconds

Response time: ≤30 seconds

Recovery time: ≤30 seconds

Range: 0~500ppm

Resolution: 0.1ppm

Working temperature: -10℃~55℃

Working humidity: 15%RH-90%RH (no condensation)

Storage temperature: -10℃~55℃

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Gewicht 500 g
Afmetingen 2 × 3 × 1 mm

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