KWh meter 100A digitaal LCD display puls uitgang Modbus RS485 RTU DIN rail TAC2100

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KWh meter met LCD display,puls en Modbus RS485 uitgang te bevestigen op een DIN rail 35mm (bijv.meterkast), uitlezen kan met een microcontroller met Modbus RS485 (stick) of pulsenteller via GPIO zoals Arduino of Raspberry Pi.

TAC2100 series products are single phase multi-function rail installtion enegery meter.

This series of products with RS485 or MBUS communication interface, baud rate maximum support 38400bps, supporting Modbus, MBUS communication protocols.

It can easily realize the function of remote data read, and adopt the design of large-screen LCD and touch-sensitive key, which can easily carry out the local view and set operation of various parameters.

The product has the function of password protection, which ensures the data security of the product.

Product Name: Singe Phase Energy Meter

Model: TAC2100

Input Voltage: Rate Voltage(Un):230V

Frequency Range: 45 to 65Hz

Overload Capacity: 2*Un for 1 second

Input Curret: Measured Range: 0.005 to 100 A, basic current (Ib) is 5A

Overload Capacity: 30*Imax for 0.01 second

Dimensions: 36*100*66mm

Mounting Position: Din Rail Mounting

Operating Temperature: -25 to +55℃

Storage Temperature: -40 to +80℃

Humidity: < 90%, non-condensing

Pollution Degree: 2

1) Maximum current 100A direct access

2) DIN Rail mounting, standard 2 modulus width.

3) Touch button design improves button operability and reduces button failure rate

4) Multi-function parameter measurement, providing voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase Angle, etc.

5) Provide a variety of statistical data and local storage functions, such as two-way power, demand and other statistical data. Provide monthly electricity consumption statistics for the last 12 months and daily electricity consumption statistics for the last 31 days

6) supports the dual-timing function of the meter startup running time and load running time.

7) supports the access of a 2-tariff switching signal for metering at 2-tariff energy.

8) Support RS485 communication function, baud rate up to 38400bps, support Modbus RTU, Mbus(Option) protocol.

9) Supports one optocoupler pulse output interface, and output parameters can be set.

10) LCD refresh time is 1 second, support manual or automatic scroll display (configurable)

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