Modbus RS485 RTU energie meter 80-260VAC 10A PZEM-014

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AC single phase with RS485 serial port multi-function monitoring box; can measure voltage, current, power, power, frequency, power factor, maximum 10A! It can display six measurement parameters on the computer when communicate through the software; it can also communicate with the buyer’s own micro controller (the buyer should program by yourself)!

The high accuracy, better compatibility will make it use widely.

PZEM-014: Measuring Range 10A (external transformer) with USB to 485 module



Measuring range:80~260V

Resolution: 0.1V

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%


Measuring range: 0~10A

Starting measure current: 0.01A

Resolution: 0.001A

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active power

Measuring range: 0~2.3kW

Starting measure power: 0.4W

Resolution: 0.1W

Display format:

When the data is <1000W, it display one decimal, such as: 999.9W

When the data is ≥1000W, it display only integer, such as: 1000W

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Power factor

Measuring range: 0.00~1.00

Resolution: 0.01

Measurement accuracy: 1%


Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz

Resolution: 0.1Hz

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active energy

Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh

Resolution: 1Wh

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Display format:

When the data is <10kWh, the display unit is Wh(1kWh=1000Wh), such as: 9999Wh

When the data is ≥10kWh, the display unit is kWh, such as: 9999.99kWh

Reset energy: use software to reset.

Over power alarm: Active power threshold can be set, when the measured active power exceeds the threshold, it can alarm

Communication interface: RS485 interface

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 2 × 3 × 0,5 mm

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