RF transciever 433MHz module 3.2-5.5V met MCU STM8S003F3U6 en antenne HC12 SI4463

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Informatie (ENG):
The 433MHz HC-12 SI4463 Wireless Serial Port Module provides a wireless 4-pin TTL-level UART interface (Vcc, Gnd, Tx, Rx) that has 100 channels spaced 400 kHz apart, eight transmit levels, eight supported baud rates, and three different working modes.


  • Operating voltage: 3.2V – 5.5V DC
  • Frequency range: 433.4MHz – 473.0MHz
  • Communication channels: Up to 100 channels
  • Communication interface: UART 3.3V / 5V TTL level
  • Communication level: 3.3V – 5V level
  • Transmit power: 20dBm (Maximum)
  • Distance: 1000m
  • Antenna interface: Spring antenna/antenna socket
  • Idle current: 16mA
  • Operating temperature: -25C – 75C
  • Dimensions: 27.4mm x 13.2mm x 4mm

The HC-12 is a half-duplex wireless serial communication module with 100 channels in the 433.4-473.0 MHz range that is capable of transmitting up to 1 km. This project will begin by using the HC-12 to create a wireless link between two computers and end with a second article that creates a simple wireless GPS tracker.

The HC-12 is a half-duplex 20 dBm (100 mW) transmitter paired with a receiver that has -117 dBm (2×10-15 W) sensitivity at 5000 bps.

Paired with an external antenna, these transceivers are capable of communicating up to and possibly slightly beyond 1 km in the open and are more than adequate for providing coverage throughout a typical house.

The Si4463 Transceiver

The Si4463 provides the wireless communication in this circuit. It has a maximum transmit power of 20 dBm (100 mW) and receive sensitivity of -129 dBm. Two 64-byte Rx and Tx FIFO memories are built into the chip along with a great many advanced features that are not implemented in the HC-12 design. See the datasheet for more information on multiband operation, frequency hopping, etc.

The STM8S003FS Microcontroller

This is an 8-bit microcontroller with 8 kB of flash memory, 128 bytes of EEPROM, and a 10-bit ADC. It supports UART, SPI, and I²C and has multiple I/O pins. It offers many of the same capabilities as its ATMega and XMC counterparts. It is programmed to control the Si4463 as well as handle the UART communication between the HC-12 and whatever it is connected to on the other end.

The HC-12 Transceiver Module

Combined with other components, the Si4463 and STM8S003 create the HC-12 transceiver, which provides a 4-pin TTL-level UART interface (Vcc, Gnd, Tx, Rx), with a 5th pin that is used to enter “command” mode for changing the module’s configuration. The HC-12 has 100 supported channels spaced 400 kHz apart, eight transmit levels, eight supported baud rates, and three different working modes.

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