RFID IC Card Sensor 125Khz Module met antenne UART RDM6300

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Informatie (ENG):

PN5180 can support more cards with different protocols (ISO / IEC 18092.14443 A / B, FeliCa, 15693),

Increasing the DPS function increases the stability of the reception, (more likely to be EMV, improve antenna feedback).

PN5180 supports card emulation and PEER TOpeer mode, NFC chip.

Module using the application of more serial peripheral interface SPI

PN5180 is a multi-protocol NFC front end with high output power, dynamic power control (DPC), adaptive waveform control (AWC) and adaptive receiver control (ARC) and multiple power saving features, even in harsh conditions, Efficient, stable and reliable operation.

PN5180 for POS terminals, with a new generation of mobile phones to support NFC to achieve the largest interoperability. High-performance NFC front end to meet the radio frequency EMV standards.

Dynamic power control (DPC), even in the case of antenna imbalance can also optimize the RF performance

Adaptive Waveform Control (AWC) automatically adjusts the transmitter to fit the RF standard

Adaptive Receiver Control (ARC) automatically adjusts the receiver parameters to achieve consistent reliable communication

Automatic EMD processing without host interaction relaxes the timing requirements on the host controller

High RF output power

Active Load Demodulation Supports more compact antennas for card emulation mode

Target application:

– Pay

– Physical access control

– E-government

– industrial control

– Output Type:Pls check description

– Model Number:OEP30W

– DIY Supplies:Electrical

Color:as shown


Package Contents:

1 * PN5180 Reader and Writer Module

1 * ICODE2/15693 card

1 * S50 keychain

1 * 2.54 pin header -13P

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Afmetingen 10 × 6 × 2 mm
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