Spanningsregelaar module DC-DC step-down 4-36V naar 1.25-36V max. 8A 200W XL4016

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Module performance and features:


Product name: DC step-down module Converter

Voltage regulating mode: PWM modulation

Input voltage: DC4-40V

Output voltage: DC1.25-36V

Max output current: 8A (more than 5A for long time use,need Fan if over 5A)

Max power: 200W

Conversion efficiency: 94%

Switching frequency: 180KHZ

Dimensions: 61*41*27mm

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1000 g
Afmetingen 2 × 1 × 0,5 mm
Voltage (V)

Voltagebereik (V)

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