Spanningsregelaar module step-down max. 20V naar 12V DC-DC 5A mini560 JW5068A

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High Efficiency Step Down DC DC Buck Converter Synchronous Rectifier Voltage Regulator Power Supply Board Mini560 3.3V


High efficiency, high stability, high cost performance.

Ultra-small size, very easy to be embedded in each system

Stamp hole design, user-friendly welding. It is also convenient for industrial use of patches

High conversion efficiency and low heat generation.


Chip: JW5068A

Model: Mini560 (small size DC-DC synchronous rectifier step-down module)

Voltage Input: 5V – 20V

Voltage Output: 12V 

Switching frequency: 500KHz

Conversion efficiency: 99% (maximum)

Working temperature: -40 -85°C

Module nature: non-isolated step-down

Rectification method: Synchronous rectification

Module size: 29*18*5.4mm

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Afmetingen 15 × 12 × 4 mm

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