UPS DC backup accu 5V 2A 10W en 3.3V 1A 1×18650 SMD Lithium Batterij houder SW6115

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18650 Battery shield V3 module USB-C

Be careful of “+” and “-“, You should follow the direction of “+” and “-” on the PCB (NOT the battery holder).

If you put wrong direction, the charging chip will be destroyed.

Battery protection (Over charge or Over discharge)

SW6115 Li-Ion battery charger chip

Micro USB / USB-C port Input

Type-A USB Output

0.5A current charging

1 switch control USB output

5~8V Input Voltage

3.3V & 1A Output

5V & 2A Output

LED indicator (5-leds)

Press switch 1-time: USB-A is switched on, leds will light up

Press switch 2 short times: USB-A is switched off

The switch also switched the extra outputs!

3.3V output port x3

5V output port x3

Extra informatie

Gewicht 100 g
Afmetingen 3 × 3 × 0,5 mm

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