Geheugen FRAM 128 Kbit 16 KB I2C FM24CL16 SOP-8

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Informatie (ENG):

The FM24CL16 is a 16-kilobit nonvolatile memoryemploying an advanced ferroelectric process. Aferroelectric random access memory or FRAM isnonvolatile and performs reads and writes like aRAM. It provides reliable data retention for over 10years while eliminating the complexities, overhead,and system level reliability problems caused byEEPROM and other nonvolatile memories.
Unlike serial EEPROMs, the FM24CL16 performs write operations at bus speed. No write delays are incurred. The next bus cycle may commence immediately without the need for data polling. In addition, the product offers unlimited write endurance, orders of magnitude more endurance than EEPROM. Also, FRAM exhibits much lower power during writes than EEPROM since write operations do not require an internally elevated power supply voltage for write circuits. 
Cypress Semiconductor
16 kbit
2 k x 8
– 40 C
+ 85 C
Merk: Cypress Semiconductor
Werkvoedingsspanning: 2.7 V to 3.6 V
Producttype: FRAM

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